Coming to Bangkok to participate in the Ormeus Grand World Meeting, Treasure in Thailand, from April 16th-18th? Arrive a few days earlier and experience the revelry of the fabulous Songkran Festival.

From April 13th-15th this huge National celebration, Buddhist holiday, and traditional Thai New Year is being celebrated throughout Thailand. Songkran Day, the Thai New Year is April 13th with the celebratory water festival continuing April 14th and 15th and fully enjoyed in Bangkok.

Happy screams of “Sawasdee pee mai” and “Suksan wan Songkran” (Happy New Year and Happy Songkran Day) fill the air in Thailand.

This party like atmosphere is being enjoyed throughout Bangkok with symbolic water festivals and events galore.

In 1940, the Thai adopted January 1st as the official New Year, however the Songkran Festival, the traditional New Year celebration, with dates based on the fluctuating solar calendar, continues to be a huge part of the Thai culture and Buddhist tradition.

During the Songkran Festival sights of bursting water balloons and water gun fights are rampant throughout Bangkok. Enjoying yourself and having fun is a huge tradition among Thai culture. During April, the hottest month of the year, people take to the streets with hoses, buckets of water, super soaker water guns, water balloons and more with folks delighting in dousing others and being soaked in water themselves.

So celebrated is Songkran that most banks, office buildings and family businesses and shops will close completely. Only large malls will remain open. A mass exodus by many Bangkok and other Thai residents who will travel back home for family reunions. This leaves room for the masses of tourists and visitors who flock to Bangkok to enjoy and experience the Songkran Festival and Thai New Year with its fun-filled activities during this festive time of the year.

The origins of Songkran date back hundreds of years and the Buddhist traditions remain practiced today.

It is a time for cleansing the body and soul. For washing away the misfortunes, bad luck and misdeeds of the previous year, and starting off the New Year with a fresh clean start.

Beginning in Thai homes and temples with the pouring of scented water over statues of Buddha, one another’s shoulders and on the hands of elders in a symbolic gesture of this this belief. It then takes to the streets with festivities soaking each other with water and celebrating non-stop for the next few days. Other activities such as parades, beauty pageants and cultural shows are also enjoyed. While some visitors to Thailand partake in the religious events, many other head straight to enjoying the drinking, partying and water fight festivities.

While tourists flock to Bangkok to enjoy Songkran festivities and the customs of the Thai New Year, many of the Thai themselves use this occasion for family reunions, spending time with family and friends, temple visits and annual house cleaning.

Traditionally, on the first day of Songkran, the Thais perform the Rod Nam Dum Hua ritual. On this official National Elderly Day young folks will pour fragrant water into their elder’s palms as a gesture of humility and to ask for their blessings.

The second day of Songkran is National Family Day. Waking up early families will give alms to the monks. The rest of the day will be spending quality time together as a family.

Another important Songkran ritual is “Bathing the Buddha image”. Here, both at home and at the temple, devout Buddhists will pour fragrant water over statues of Buddha.

The more religious Thai will engage themselves in other Buddhist ceremonies and merit-making activities throughout the holidays.

Water is a symbolic gesture. While traditionally during Songkran the Thai would politely pour a bowl of water on family, close friends and neighbors the festive note as turned a bowl into a bucket with the addition of garden hoses, water balloons and power soaking water guns. The enjoyment of water soaking activities is now shared among residents and visors alike.

While enjoying the merriment of Songkran activities expected to be splashed and doused with water the moment you start walking down the streets of Bangkok. Another tradition is a symbolic nod to the chalk used by Buddhist monks for their blessing. So, don’t be startled if someone walks up and smears a white chalk powder on your face.

While many dress to the hilt for Songkran others wear costumes and masks as well as floral print Hawaiian style shirts. Any garb you don’t mind wearing knowing you will undoubtedly get wet is perfect attire.

During Songkran getting soaking wet is the norm throughout Bangkok. There are certain areas of the city where activities are at their utmost. Generally, areas packed with bars have people that will come to party, drink and shoot water guns all day and night.

In Bangkok both Khao San Road and Silom are where you can experience water blast activities to the fullest. Khao San Road has plenty of bars with alcohol and DJ provided music. One big drunken party with tons of tourists and visitors soaking each other with water. Meanwhile Silom is where the Thai locals go at it. 5 km of roads cordoned off with fire trucks at intersections adding bursts of water from their hoses adding to the water of the crowd’s milder water guns.

There are tents and stalls set up to sell food, beer and even water guns to the crowds.

Songkran Tips – Do’s and Don’t

  • Expect to get wet, very wet – Only wear clothes you’d be ok with if they got ruined.
  • It’s going to be hot, very hot – April is the hottest month of the year, wear your sunscreen
  • Carry your belongings in a waterproof bag – Cash, wallet, passport, anything you shouldn’t get we.  Don’t take out your cell phone or camera on the streets, find someplace inside
  • Keep your stuff secure – There are large crowds and with them come pickpockets. 
  • Everyone is fair game – you’ll even see people (Thai’s) soaking police officers (not recommended if you are a visitor)
  • Be smart –  Don’t throw water at young children, the elderly, monks, police, or shoot someone in the face.
  • Be safe – There is a lot of drinking going on and deaths from drinking and driving are at highs during Songkran.  This goes for walking down the street, watch out for cars
  • Keep it clean – Cameras and Videos are everywhere now.  There is always some drunken lout that becomes notorious for lewd behavior or undressing.  This is not acceptable in Thailand, don’t be ‘that guy.’
  • It’s going to be busy and crowded – walk if you can or use public transportation if you must
  • Avoid motorbikes if you can – people will through buckets of water into the face of drivers.  This can lead to losing control and crashing.
  • Have fun and smile!  This is a time for celebration, enjoy it.

Be sure to arrive in Bangkok a few days before the Ormeus Global World Meeting to enjoy the fun and excitement of the traditional Thai New Year and Songkran Festival from Friday April 13th through Sunday April 15th.

The Ormeus World Launch is something you won’t want to miss.


This prestigious meeting is being held immediately following the Songkran Festival and traditional Thai New Year. It will take place Mon. April 16th through Wed. April 18th, 2018 at the beautiful IMPACT ARENA, FORUM AND EXHIBITION CENTER in BANGKOK, THAILAND

Meet and join with the Ormeus Global Leaders, Founders, Corporate Staff, IBOs and fellow members at the amazing unforgettable blow-out event of the year.

Meeting Itinerary

Monday April 16th is Ormeus Global World Meeting arrival day to beautiful Bangkok. (Unless of course you’ll be arriving earlier to enjoy the Thai New Year 2018 and fabulous Songkran Festival from Friday April 13th through Sunday April 15th.)

Tuesday April 17th the Opening Ceremonies will begin promptly at 9:00 AM. Enjoy an interesting day full of activities. Tuesday is complete with presentations, news, announcements and networking. You’ll be kept very busy all day. Then, at 5:30 P.M. you’ll kick back, relax and celebrate with your hosts, and fellow members, while dining on a scrumptious Gala Dinner and enjoying a fantastic world class Entertainment. You will have fun until very late.

Wednesday April 18th begin the meeting day at 9:00 AM and you’ll stay busy until 5 P.M. with this day full of learning. You’ll participate in intensive training and educational workshops. Meet and mingle with World Leaders, Industry Experts and Influencers. Learn absolutely everything you’ll need to bring you up to speed in this exciting company, market and industry. Continue networking while meeting and making new friends and business acquaintances at this world class event.

Carpe Diem friends!

With less than a month away you must make your meeting reservations today.

Visit your Ormeus Global Back Office now to reserve your package. 

Every package will include:

2 Nights in a BEAUTIFUL 4-STAR Bangkok, Thailand Hotel

  • Elegant Breakfast Buffet
  • Fabulous Lunch and Beverages DURING conference
  • Sumptuous Dinner and Beverages AFTER the conference
  • An ELITE “AFTER- PARTY” lasting till the wee hours.
  • Ground transportation from hotel to event venue and back
  • All applicable local tax

Please use the following links to bring you to the event page, and Ormeus Back Office, where you’ll lock in your spot to attend this wonderful meeting and launch event