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Transmute Lead Into Gold

The name “Ormeus” refers to orme, the alchemist’s goal of turning base metals like lead into gold.

Think about lead. It is heavy, inert, dull. The alchemist’s goal was to transform its very essence into the world’s most coveted precious metal – gold.

Our goal is to help you transform your inner landscape of body, mind and spirit into a centered gold. Through sharing the Ormeus story to create and build personal wealth and satisfaction, learning from our InnerQuest platform, or supporting vitality through Ormeus Qi products, you have the tools to transform your health, mindset, and personal development.

Discover your center with Ormeus Global.

What We Do

Ormeus Global is the centerpoint for a rich amalgam of products and services.

These include:

  • InnerQuest: Our online learning platform that makes acquiring knowledge and skills fun! Learn about the new world of cryptocurrency, bitcoin, and digital currency with our premier course series. New courses in health, wellness, hobbies, and more will be added.
  • Ormeus Qi: Support your personal state of well-being with our energetic wellness products. Used by Olympic-level athletes, personal trainers, and fitness experts, these products can help you feel your best.
  • Ormeus Coin & Cryptocurrency Resources: An exciting, lucrative and retailable line of cryptocurrency products. Includes Ormeus Coin, our very own cryptocurrency, as well as Ormeus Master Trader, 2xB89 trading bot, and more.

Growing the Ormeus Global Family

Once you discover the power of Ormeus Global, we know you’ll want to share the news with your friends. That’s why we’ve put together a generous compensation plan to reward highly motivated people who introduce Ormeus products to their friends. Enjoy Ormeus products, learn with InnerQuest, and build personal wealth as you share the many ways in which Ormeus Global has enhanced your life.