Thai New Year and Songkran Festival 2018 Precede Ormeus Grand Launch

Coming to Bangkok to participate in the Ormeus Grand World Meeting, Treasure in Thailand, from April 16th-18th? Arrive a few days earlier and experience the revelry of the fabulous Songkran Festival.

From April 13th-15th this huge National celebration, Buddhist holiday, and traditional Thai New Year is being celebrated throughout Thailand. Songkran Day, the Thai New Year is April 13th with the celebratory water festival continuing April 14th and 15th and fully enjoyed in Bangkok.

Happy screams of “Sawasdee pee mai” and “Suksan wan Songkran” (Happy New Year and Happy Songkran Day) fill the air in Thailand.

This party like atmosphere is being enjoyed throughout Bangkok with symbolic water festivals and events galore.

In 1940, the Thai adopted January 1st as the official New Year, however the Songkran Festival, the traditional New Year celebration, with dates based on the fluctuating solar calendar, continues to be a huge part of the Thai culture and Buddhist tradition.

During the Songkran Festival sights of bursting water balloons and water gun fights are rampant throughout Bangkok. Enjoying yourself and having fun is a huge tradition among Thai culture. During April, the hottest month of the year, people take to the streets with hoses, buckets of water, super soaker water guns, water balloons and more with folks delighting in dousing others and being soaked in water themselves.

So celebrated is Songkran that most banks, office buildings and family businesses and shops will close completely. Only large malls will remain open. A mass exodus by many Bangkok and other Thai residents who will travel back home for family reunions. This leaves room for the masses of tourists and visitors who flock to Bangkok to enjoy and experience the Songkran Festival and Thai New Year with its fun-filled activities during this festive time of the year.

The origins of Songkran date back hundreds of years and the Buddhist traditions remain practiced today.

It is a time for cleansing the body and soul. For washing away the misfortunes, bad luck and misdeeds of the previous year, and starting off the New Year with a fresh clean start.

Beginning in Thai homes and temples with the pouring of scented water over statues of Buddha, one another’s shoulders and on the hands of elders in a symbolic gesture of this this belief. It then takes to the streets with festivities soaking each other with water and celebrating non-stop for the next few days. Other activities such as parades, beauty pageants and cultural shows are also enjoyed. While some visitors to Thailand partake in the religious events, many other head straight to enjoying the drinking, partying and water fight festivities.

While tourists flock to Bangkok to enjoy Songkran festivities and the customs of the Thai New Year, many of the Thai themselves use this occasion for family reunions, spending time with family and friends, temple visits and annual house cleaning.

Traditionally, on the first day of Songkran, the Thais perform the Rod Nam Dum Hua ritual. On this official National Elderly Day young folks will pour fragrant water into their elder’s palms as a gesture of humility and to ask for their blessings.

The second day of Songkran is National Family Day. Waking up early families will give alms to the monks. The rest of the day will be spending quality time together as a family.

Another important Songkran ritual is “Bathing the Buddha image”. Here, both at home and at the temple, devout Buddhists will pour fragrant water over statues of Buddha.

The more religious Thai will engage themselves in other Buddhist ceremonies and merit-making activities throughout the holidays.

Water is a symbolic gesture. While traditionally during Songkran the Thai would politely pour a bowl of water on family, close friends and neighbors the festive note as turned a bowl into a bucket with the addition of garden hoses, water balloons and power soaking water guns. The enjoyment of water soaking activities is now shared among residents and visors alike.

While enjoying the merriment of Songkran activities expected to be splashed and doused with water the moment you start walking down the streets of Bangkok. Another tradition is a symbolic nod to the chalk used by Buddhist monks for their blessing. So, don’t be startled if someone walks up and smears a white chalk powder on your face.

While many dress to the hilt for Songkran others wear costumes and masks as well as floral print Hawaiian style shirts. Any garb you don’t mind wearing knowing you will undoubtedly get wet is perfect attire.

During Songkran getting soaking wet is the norm throughout Bangkok. There are certain areas of the city where activities are at their utmost. Generally, areas packed with bars have people that will come to party, drink and shoot water guns all day and night.

In Bangkok both Khao San Road and Silom are where you can experience water blast activities to the fullest. Khao San Road has plenty of bars with alcohol and DJ provided music. One big drunken party with tons of tourists and visitors soaking each other with water. Meanwhile Silom is where the Thai locals go at it. 5 km of roads cordoned off with fire trucks at intersections adding bursts of water from their hoses adding to the water of the crowd’s milder water guns.

There are tents and stalls set up to sell food, beer and even water guns to the crowds.

Songkran Tips – Do’s and Don’t

  • Expect to get wet, very wet – Only wear clothes you’d be ok with if they got ruined.
  • It’s going to be hot, very hot – April is the hottest month of the year, wear your sunscreen
  • Carry your belongings in a waterproof bag – Cash, wallet, passport, anything you shouldn’t get we.  Don’t take out your cell phone or camera on the streets, find someplace inside
  • Keep your stuff secure – There are large crowds and with them come pickpockets. 
  • Everyone is fair game – you’ll even see people (Thai’s) soaking police officers (not recommended if you are a visitor)
  • Be smart –  Don’t throw water at young children, the elderly, monks, police, or shoot someone in the face.
  • Be safe – There is a lot of drinking going on and deaths from drinking and driving are at highs during Songkran.  This goes for walking down the street, watch out for cars
  • Keep it clean – Cameras and Videos are everywhere now.  There is always some drunken lout that becomes notorious for lewd behavior or undressing.  This is not acceptable in Thailand, don’t be ‘that guy.’
  • It’s going to be busy and crowded – walk if you can or use public transportation if you must
  • Avoid motorbikes if you can – people will through buckets of water into the face of drivers.  This can lead to losing control and crashing.
  • Have fun and smile!  This is a time for celebration, enjoy it.

Be sure to arrive in Bangkok a few days before the Ormeus Global World Meeting to enjoy the fun and excitement of the traditional Thai New Year and Songkran Festival from Friday April 13th through Sunday April 15th.

The Ormeus World Launch is something you won’t want to miss.


This prestigious meeting is being held immediately following the Songkran Festival and traditional Thai New Year. It will take place Mon. April 16th through Wed. April 18th, 2018 at the beautiful IMPACT ARENA, FORUM AND EXHIBITION CENTER in BANGKOK, THAILAND

Meet and join with the Ormeus Global Leaders, Founders, Corporate Staff, IBOs and fellow members at the amazing unforgettable blow-out event of the year.

Meeting Itinerary

Monday April 16th is Ormeus Global World Meeting arrival day to beautiful Bangkok. (Unless of course you’ll be arriving earlier to enjoy the Thai New Year 2018 and fabulous Songkran Festival from Friday April 13th through Sunday April 15th.)

Tuesday April 17th the Opening Ceremonies will begin promptly at 9:00 AM. Enjoy an interesting day full of activities. Tuesday is complete with presentations, news, announcements and networking. You’ll be kept very busy all day. Then, at 5:30 P.M. you’ll kick back, relax and celebrate with your hosts, and fellow members, while dining on a scrumptious Gala Dinner and enjoying a fantastic world class Entertainment. You will have fun until very late.

Wednesday April 18th begin the meeting day at 9:00 AM and you’ll stay busy until 5 P.M. with this day full of learning. You’ll participate in intensive training and educational workshops. Meet and mingle with World Leaders, Industry Experts and Influencers. Learn absolutely everything you’ll need to bring you up to speed in this exciting company, market and industry. Continue networking while meeting and making new friends and business acquaintances at this world class event.

Carpe Diem friends!

With less than a month away you must make your meeting reservations today.

Visit your Ormeus Global Back Office now to reserve your package. 

Every package will include:

2 Nights in a BEAUTIFUL 4-STAR Bangkok, Thailand Hotel

  • Elegant Breakfast Buffet
  • Fabulous Lunch and Beverages DURING conference
  • Sumptuous Dinner and Beverages AFTER the conference
  • An ELITE “AFTER- PARTY” lasting till the wee hours.
  • Ground transportation from hotel to event venue and back
  • All applicable local tax

Please use the following links to bring you to the event page, and Ormeus Back Office, where you’ll lock in your spot to attend this wonderful meeting and launch event

Thailand History: 3 Amazing Stories You Should Know Before You Go

One of the greatest parts of visiting Thailand is the opportunity to see locations that you may normally only read about. And what makes Thailand so magical is that most of those locations include legends and myths.

The following are five of the most interesting legends from Thailand’s history. Whether these stories are actually true or not are up to the reader to decide.

The Legend of Mae Nak

In 19th century Thailand, there lived a beautiful woman named Mae Nak. Although she was sought after by many men, Mae nak chose a man named Pi Mak to marry.

Eventually, Pi Mak was called off to war and in his absence, a pregnant Mae Nak went into labor with their first child. However, both Mae Nak and her child died.

As the story goes, Mae Nak loved her husband so much that she and her child returned to the couple’s home as ghosts. However, after Pi Mak returned from war, he had no idea that his wife and new child were only ghosts. Once villages learned that Pi Mak believed he was still living with his living wife and child, they tried to warn him.

As the story goes, anyone who tried to warn him was scared away by the ghost of Mae Nak. Mak refused to believe the warnings, until one day while Mae Nak was preparing a meal, she dropped a lime on the floor. Instead of bending like a live person would, Mae stretched her ghostly hand to the floor. When Mak saw this, he ran away in fear.

The ghost of Mae Nak was so furious she terrorized other villagers. Eventually, the village appealed to the monks to help exorcise this angry spirit. The legend says that monk Somdet Phra Phutthachan finally exorcised the spirit by obtaining a piece of her skull bone from her grave, and casting the spirit into the bone. He then kept that bone attached to his waistband, until his death when it was inherited by a member of the Royal Family.

Local written records from that time period show that Mae Nak and her husband lived along the Phra Khanong canal in Bangkok. The house was near the canal, and today all that remains is a shrine to Mae Nak, which locals call the Shrine of Lady Nak in Phra Khanong.

Soft Rice

Another Thai legend is a more light-hearted one. A very smart lady named Mohnae lived with her not-so-smart husband Pohnae. The family lived off the rice they grew, but one year when it was time to plant they didn’t have any rice available to sow.

Mohnae asked her husband to see if the neighbors had any to spare, but told him only to get “soft rice” because it would grow more quickly.

Pohnae went throughout the village carrying a large jar, asking each villager if they had any rice to spare. Unfortunately all they had was hard rice. Once he reached the edge of the village, he came across his friend’s house. He approached his friend, who was preparing to sow, and asked him was species of rice he was working with.

His friend replied, “Soft”.

Pohnae asked his friend if he could borrow some, and is friend agreed, but only on the condition that Pohnae help him with his winnowing work.

After helping his friend and getting his full jar of soft rice, Pohnae headed home. But while crossing a bridge, he fell and spilled the rice into the water. As quickly as he could, he scooped as much of the wet grains of rice out of the water as he could back into the jar, and then continued on home.

When he got there, is wife asked him if he was sure it was the soft species of rice. To which he replied, “I’m sure it’s the soft rice.”

Then he explained how he had tripped and all of the rice fell into the water, but some floated to the top.

“It must be soft, because all of the hard rice sank to the bottom!”

Mohnae, shaking her head, told her husband that he was probably the most dim-witted man she had ever known, but his heart was in the right place. With that, she headed off to the village to find some soft rice to plant.

Chalawan: The Crocodile King

This last story is more folklore than legend, but just as interesting as the rest.

There once lived a beast called Chalawan, the Crocodile King. Chalawan lived in a beautiful cave with his two beautiful wives and other crocodiles. As the story goes, any crocodile who entered his magical cave would be transformed into a human and could change back to crocodile whenever they wished.

According to the story, Chalawan was thirsty for power, and did not live by Buddhist principles. He enjoyed eating humans, and he was the reason parents warned children to avoid the canal.

Two young sisters decided to ignore their parents’ warnings, and went down to the canal to play in the water. Chalawan approached the ladies with the intent to eat them, but when he saw how beautiful they were, he instead abducted one of the girls and brought her back to his cave. There, he cast a spell on the girl to make her fall in love with him, and he made her his wife.

The girl’s father thought that his daughter had been killed by the Crocodile King, so he offered a reward to any man who could kill the Crocodile King and return his daughter’s body.

Understandably, the girl’s father was distraught. Believing his beloved daughter to have been killed by ferocious crocodiles, he offered a handsome reward to anybody that could kill the crocodile and return his daughter’s body. Many men tried, and failed. Legend says many men tried and failed to kill the Crocodile King.

That was until a crocodile hunter by the name of Krai Thong from Nonthaburi Province heard about the reward. He journeyed to Phichit and prepared to battle the Crocodile King.

First, he cast spells to lure Chalawan out of the cave. Once that worked, the two fought one another and Krai Thong seriously injured Chalawan. The Crocodile King retreated back to the safety of his cave, but Krai Thong followed him and finally killed Chalawan.

Krai Thong returned the young lady to her father, who was overjoyed to see her alive. The family rewarded Krai Thong with riches, and as legend goes the crocodiles stopped hunting humans in Phichit.

Today, you can find a very large statue of Chalawan the Crocodile King in the village of Phichit in Thailand.

Remember to join Ormeus Global in Bangkok, Thailand, April 16-18, 2018 for our first world meeting. Company leaders, inspirational guest speakers and more join thousands of Ormeus Global Independent Business Owners for three days and nights you’ll remember for years to come. Check your Back Office for details.

Authentic Thai Foods You’ll Absolutely Love in Thailand

If you’re a foodie and you have a Thailand trip planned, you better prepare yourself for the time of your life. Thailand offers some of the most delectable, wonderfully-spicy cuisine you could ever hope to taste.

If you’re taking a trip to Thailand soon (maybe to attend the first Ormeus Global world meeting in Bangkok!) then you’ll want to print this article and bring it with you. This way you can track down and taste some of the wonderful dishes we’re going to describe to you in this article!

Tom Yum Gung – For Seafood Lovers

If you love soup, and you love seafood, you’re going to love tasting Tom Yum Gun. This creamy soup is filled with shrimp, tomatoes, and mushrooms. It’s seasoned with galangal, lemongrass and lime leaves.

As you can probably imagine, the tartness of tomato and lime balanced with savory shrimp and mushrooms makes for a wonderful combination of spicy and sour-sweet. It’s a flavor that teases all of your taste buds and leaves you wanting for more.

Gang Keow Wan

You might have already tried green curry in the past, but unless you’ve tasted authentic green curry in Thailand, you’ve never had the real thing.

The traditional green curry you’ll find in Thailand is a mixture of bamboo shoots, chicken, and eggplant in coconut milk, spiced with green curry paste, Thai basil, and traditional Thai herbs.

Of course the best way to try authentic Thai curry is on top of a bed of warm rice, so make sure to order plenty of rice on the side!

Gai Pad Pongali

One thing you’ll get very accustomed to tasting while you’re in Thailand is curry. And of course curries come in many colors. Gai Pad Pongali is made with a yellow curry paste mixed in with curdled egg, so expect a wonderful brightly colored dish when you order this one.

If you love onions and peppers, then you’ll love this curry. It’s a savory combination of chicken, onions, peppers and tomatoes. Soaked into the egg-curry paste, expect a mouthful of exquisite flavor with every bite.

Grilled and Fried Meats

One of the best things about walking through the streets of Bangkok is smelling all of the wonderful scents of grilling foods that all of the street vendors offer for sale.

There are a few specialties that you’ll want to sample from those street vendors. One of the most common is Kao Niew Moo Yang, or grilled pork on skewers. You can pick up a small bag of these with rice on just about any street corner in Bangkok.

You can also find Moo Dad Diew, or deep fried pork in sweet soy sauce. Tossed with chili sauce and green onions, you’ll devour these in no time. And you’re sure to come back for more.

Finally, you’ll also want to keep an eye out for Yam Khor Moo Yang, a tender and savory blend of grilled pork cutlets, mixed with onions and flavored with lemon juice and spicy chilies.

Larb Moo

Not everyone likes the taste of liver, but once you try this dish, you may fall in love with it.

Larb Moo is a mix of minced pork and liver, stirred up with onions, chilies, fish sauce, lime juice, and mint leaves.

When you order this from a Bangkok restaurant, you’ll want to order a nice large side of sticky rice to soak up all the liquid!

Eat Well In Thailand

You may have plenty of other reasons to visit, and probably lots to do when you’re there. But you’ll want to make sure to set aside plenty of time to savor the wonderful flavors that you’ll discover while you’re exploring the country of Thailand.

Remember to join Ormeus Global in Bangkok, Thailand, April 16-18, 2018 for our first world meeting. Company leaders, inspirational guest speakers and more join thousands of Ormeus Global Independent Business Owners for three days and nights you’ll remember for years to come. Check your Back Office for details.

Why Thailand is the Best Place in the World to Visit

If you’re looking for a good reason to visit Thailand (or you need something to convince your spouse with), we’re going to offer you 7 of the top reasons Thailand is the best place in the world to visit.

1. It’s Super-Affordable.

The currency in Thailand is thai baht. Currently, 1 thai baht is only 32 cents. If that isn’t a sign for how far the dollar will go in Thailand, consider the fact that you can buy dinner from street food vendors in Thailand for $1 or less. You can rent a hotel room for an average of $20 a night. Try doing that anywhere in the Western world!

For your money, you won’t be getting less quality either. Thailand’s economy is very much boosted by tourism, so you can expect to find wonderful places to stay, and food that you’ll be dreaming about for years once you return home.

2. It Has Paradise Beaches

If you’ve ever seen a picture of a beautiful beach with white sandy beaches and a vista of cliffs and the ocean in the distance, the odds are good that the picture is of a beach in Thailand.

When you’re done sunning yourself on the beach, you can go swimming, scuba diving, or snorkeling in water that’s so warm there’s no need to adjust to it. For all of these reasons, most beaches in Thailand are rated the best beaches in the world by most travel guides.

3. The People Are Nice

Thailand is in fact known worldwide as the “Land of Smiles”. If you know the culture, you will realize that the people of Thailand will smile even when they’re angry or upset. But wouldn’t even that be a nice change from the bustling, angry crowds you find in most cities everywhere else in the world?

Whether you’re browsing through the downtown markets, riding a boat through the floating market, or walking along one of Thailand’s stunning beaches, every local you meet is sure to greet you with a warm smile and a hello. What better place could there be to get away from the stress of your everyday life?

4. Thai Food

Even though the food is priced far below most other tourist spots in the world, the food is also some of the tastiest cuisine as well. Thailand is known for its spicy, tangy dishes, but while traveling through this country you’ll also discover flavorful fried chicken, spicy stir-fried crab meat, spicy shrimp soup, various curries, and only the best Pad Thai in the world.

If there’s anything that’ll keep you returning to Thailand time after time, it’s the memory of the succulent cuisine you enjoyed during your last trip there.

5. The Buddhas

I know it sounds unusual, but one thing you’ll remember the most from your trip to Thailand is just how many Buddha statues you’ll see everywhere. Whether you’re exploring the temples in the numerous historical parks, or just passing one of the spirit houses that dot the villages, you’ll spot images and statues of Buddha everywhere.

Of course, almost 95 percent of the population in Thailand practices Buddhism, so this makes sense. In fact, the odds are very good that during your trip you’re going to spot one of the over 300,000 Buddhist monks who live in the country. You’ll spot them from the yellow or orange robes they wear. In fact, if you spot one taking donations in the streets, why not be generous with your vacation funds?

Pro tip: If you see a monk board public transportation, always offer your seat to them, just like the locals do.

6. Prime Backpacking Destination

Thailand is world-famous for many things, but one of the most popular is hiking and backpacking spots. Some of the most majestic views you’ll find in Thailand include the Doi Chang Cliffs (only if you’re very in shape!), Wat Khao Chom Thong where you’ll find a monastery, Phu Thap Boek Mountain, and so many more.

So the next time you head to Thailand, don’t forget to bring your backpack!

7. Perfect Weather

Almost every location in the world has good seasons and bad seasons. Usually you have to deal with some snow, or frequent rain, tornadoes, hurricanes, and anything else nature can throw at you.

Thailand is a little different. Just about the most weather you’ll experience in the middle of December, when the rest of the world is suffering from frigid cold or violent weather patterns, you’ll find light breezes and sunshine in Thailand. During the rainy season in Thailand, some of the rural areas (like the southern part of the country) may be harder to get to because of the muddy roads, but even then you’ll still find sun up north.

The toughest weather you may face are larger ocean waves in the winter, but the beaches are still sunny and the beach bars are still serving.

You’ll Probably Find a Reason to Stay

No matter what your purpose is for visiting Thailand, business or pleasure, you’re sure to find many other reasons for staying just a little bit longer than your intended departure time.

One more great reason to visit Thailand is to join Ormeus Global in Bangkok, Thailand, April 16-18, 2018 for our first world meeting, not only will you meet company leaders, hear inspirational guest speakers, and get to know other Ormeus Global Independent Business Owners for three days and nights, but you can also take some time to discover for yourself why Thailand is such an amazing place to visit.

The Ormeus Global Grand Launch

Book Your Spot For The Ormeus Global Grand Launch

Excitement is building worldwide for the Ormeus Global grand launch, taking place at the IMPACT Arena Exhibit & Convention Center in Bangkok, Thailand from April 16-18, 2018!

Don’t miss this opportunity to join with Ormeus Global Leaders, Founders, Corporate Staff and other IBOs for one of the most unforgettable events of the year!

Arrive on April 16th and get prepared, because the Opening Ceremony will take place bright and early at 9:00 AM on April 17th.

The day will begin with welcome remarks from our CEO, presentations from Ormeus Global Leaders and Founders, and the latest company news that you won’t want to miss.

Of course don’t forget to join us at 5:30 PM on April 17th, as the day caps off with a Gala Dinner, including Entertainment. Rub elbows with company leaders, and mingle with fellow IBOs well into the evening.

From 9:00 – 5:30 PM on April 18th, you’ll have the opportunity to attend various in-depth Training Workshops provided by Ormeus Global World Leaders and Industry Experts.

Reserve Your Package Now! Here’s what you will receive when you register today:

  • 2 Nights in a BEAUTIFUL 4-STAR Bangkok, Thailand Hotel.
  • Elegant breakfast buffet.
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  • Fabulous lunch and beverages during the conference.
  • Sumptuous dinner and beverages after the conference.
  • An ELITE “AFTER- PARTY” lasting till the wee hours.
  • Ground transportation from hotel to event venue and back.
  • All applicable local taxes.

There’s never been a better excuse to visit Thailand! But if you can’t make the trip, don’t worry — we’ll be sure to share lots of pictures here, on our corporate blog, and on the Ormeus Global social pages!

We hope you can join us for this exciting event — Ormeus Global’s Grand Launch!

Ormeus Global Tour Schedule 2018

Ormeus Global Tour Schedule 2018

Meet top leaders and management in a city near you

All times below are local times

16 – January OSLO – 7pm
Hotel: Clarion Hotel & Congress Oslo Airport ****
Hans Gaarders v 15 | NO- 2060 Gardermoen
Distance airport: 6 km (airport Gardermoen)

17 – January STOCKHOLM – 7pm
Hotel: Quality Hotel Friends ****
Råsta Strandväg 1 | SE-169 56 Solna
Distance airport: 35 km (Arlanda)

18 – January EINDHOVEN – 7pm
Hotel: NH Conference Centre Koningshof ****
Locht 117 | 5504RM Veldhoven | THE NETHERLANDS
Distance airport: 5km

20 – January BERLIN – 4pm
Hotel: Estrel Congress Center ****
Sonnenallee 225, 12057 Berlin
Distance airport: 13km

21 – January KRAKAU – 4pm
Hotel: DoubleTree by Hilton Krakow Hotel & Convention Centre ****
ul. Dąbska 5 | 31-572 Kraków | Polska
Distance airport: 25km (hotel = closer to the centre)

22 – January BRNO – 7pm
Hotel: Hotel Voronez ****
Křížkovského 47 | 603 73 Brno
Distance airport: 18km

24 – January VIENNA – 7pm
Hotel: NH Vienna Airport ****
Einfahrtsstrasse 1- 3, 1300 Flughafen Wien Wenen – Oostenrijk
Distance airport: 1km

25 – January LJUBLJANA – 7pm
Hotel: Austria Trend Premium Hotel Ljubljana ****
Dunajska cesta 154, 1000 Ljubljana
Distance airport: 25 km

26 – January VARNA – 7pm
Hotel: INTERNATIONAL Hotel Casino & Tower Suites ****
Front Beach Alley, Golden Sands, Varna 9007, Bulgaria
Distance airport: 27 km

27 – January BUCHAREST – 4pm
Hotel: Ramada Plaza ****
Str. Poligrafiei nr. 3-5, Sectorul 1, Bucharest
Distance airport: 40min transfer time (10km)

Excitement Builds for the Ormeus Global Grand Opening

Excitement Builds for the Ormeus Global Grand Opening

The excitement is building worldwide for the Ormeus Global grand opening! Our ribbon cutting ceremony is just five days away. We’re looking forward to meeting Ormeus Global Independent Business Owners from around the world at our Corporate Headquarters in Hong Kong on Sunday, November 19.

The day begins at noon with welcome remarks from our CEO, photo opportunities, tours of our spacious state-of-the-art offices and work areas for IBO team members, and the ribbon-cutting ceremony itself. Then, CEO Rick Fleshman and Director of Compliance Javier Canales will host special talks on the Ormeus Compensation Plan, Compliance Program, and more.

The day caps off with a banquet and lots of fun with the Ormeus Global team. We hope you can join us in Hong Kong, but if you can’t, don’t worry – we’ll share plenty of pictures both here on our corporate blog and on the Ormeus Global social media pages, too!

Ormeus Global represents the most exciting new suite of products worldwide. From our InnerQuest learning platform to our group of cryptocurrency products, Ormeus Global is your place to discover your center. We hope you can join us for the ribbon-cutting ceremony!

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Ormeus Global Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT Ormeus Global Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Ormeus Global is pleased to announce our special RIBBON CUTTING CEREMONY to be held at our corporate office on Sunday, November 19, 2017.

The ribbon-cutting ceremony will be held at the Ormeus Global Corporate Headquarters, Unit 508 on 5/F Lippo Sun Plaza, No.28 Canton Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Starting at 12 noon, refreshments will be served while guests can tour the offices and meet our corporate team. At 1 p.m., we will commence with the ribbon-cutting ceremony. There will be photo opportunities followed by welcome remarks by Ormeus Global CEO Rick Fleshman, Vice President of Marketing Jim Jordan, and honored guests.

After the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Ormeus Global Independent Business Owners are invited to attend two important training sessions in our state of the art training rooms: a Compensation Plan training, led by CEO Rick Fleshman, and Compliance training, led by Vice President Jim Jordan.

Lastly, a special banquet will be held for our IBOs attending the ribbon-cutting ceremony. The banquet begins at 7 p.m.

The party’s just getting started on the 19th. With Ormeus Global, there is plenty to celebrate!

We hope you can join us in Hong Kong on 19 November. We will have plenty of pictures to share on social media and our website for those who cannot attend in person, but it will be quite the celebration – and it won’t be a party without you. Will you be there?