Why Is Thailand Known as the Land of Smiles?

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Thailand: The Land of Smiles

When you visit Thailand, you’re likely to see many palaces and temples, bustling marketplaces with thousands of stalls, and rooftop bars and eateries that are sure to please your palate.

However, what you will see more of than anything else when you visit Thailand are smiling faces. It doesn’t take long for visitors to realize why they call Thailand the “Land of Smiles”.

You’ll see a smiling face in nearly every shop, every bar, and every street corner. But why do Thai people smile so much? Visitors who explore the stunning sandy beaches and the beautiful national parks may think that these smiles come from living in such an amazing country. That may be partially true, but there are actually a number of other reasons Thai people smile so much.

Would you like to know the secret behind why Thailand is the Land of Smiles?

The smiles are a part of local culture. In Thai culture, a smile is used to convey much more than just happiness. In fact, in Thailand there are phrases that describe up to thirteen types of smiles that you’ll find there. Here are a few of the most common:

• Yim suu suu! — The encouraging smile. If you’re about to race someone across a beach in Thailand, you’re likely to see a few locals giving you this smile and wishing you luck.
• Fuoon Yim — The obligatory smile. If you tell a bad joke in one of the bars in Thailand, the odds are good you’re going to get a Fuoon Yim smile or two.
• Yim yoh-yae — The pained smile. If something goes wrong, you’ll probably see one or two locals giving you this smile. It means that things may seem bad, but it isn’t worth crying about.
• Yim dor dhaan — The disagreeable smile. If you attempt to bargain in the marketplace, a vendor may accept with your offer even though they disagree with it. In this situation you’re going to get this kind of smile.
• Yim yaw – The self-righteous smile. If someone warns you not to ride your rented bike too fast through Thai streets, but you do anyway and you fall and get hurt. You’re probably going to get one of these “I told you so” smiles when you return the bike.
• Yim taak thaai – The common smile. This is a polite smile reserved for strangers. When you’re walking through the streets and beaches of Thailand, this is the sort of smile you’re most likely going to see.

Do you think you’ll be able to identify all of the different types of smiles in Thailand? Keep your eyes open, and when you do see someone smiling at you, don’t forget to smile back. After all, they call Thailand the “Land of Smiles” for a reason!

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An Interview with Ormeus Global’s Master Trader

If you are one of the lucky members who’ve already taken advantage of the Master Trader product, then you know just how unique and special this product is.

To create the Master Trader product, Ormeus Global searched high and low for one of the world’s best Forex trading partners. When you sign up for a Master Trader account, your account mirrors every single move that our Master Trader makes on his own account.

It’s like having your own market expert right at your fingertips. You sit back while our Master Trader does all the work – not unlike a 401k plan with a fund manager.

The benefits? It’s a low-risk option for long-term wealth, without having to worry about the short-term volatility of markets. Let our Master Trader take care of everything.

Would you like to get a glimpse of the man behind the curtain?

An Interview with the Master Trader

In this interview, we’ll introduce you to the man — the Forex expert — behind the Master Trader product. This is a rare peek behind the scenes of one of Ormeus Globals most successful products.

Today we would like to thank Max Weston (pseudonym) for taking our questions and helping to better inform our members about Master Trader.

Max, what was your background or education related to finance?

My background in the industry started when a family friend showed me how he day traded on the side. I was instantly intrigued by the market. I’ve always been good at math so I stuck with it and was able to understand how the market worked.

How and when did you get into the field of Forex?

I first started trading in the Forex market roughly 7 years ago. I dabbled in many different trading instruments, but I was always led back to the Forex Market because of its increasing volume and possibilities.

Without giving away your secrets, obviously, are there high-level signals or indicators you can share, that help a person get some sense of when the forex market is about to rise or crash?

My strategy has many different models. Without giving anything away, I look for Pivot Levels, Price Action and Price Channels to help me predict a market move. It’s through these models that I’ve kept a consistent but low risk portfolio. Honestly, there are no indicators that will help you predict a crash. In 2015 the Euro against the Swiss Franc (CHF) had an enormous crash. Now, it was quite unpredictable that type of momentum would happen, but understanding fundamental analysis (news) will help immensely.

How often each day or week do you make account tweaks?

I do not make many account tweaks. The only times that I may consider changing something is if the market took a sudden shift, but ultimately my strategy hasn’t required too many changes. The account has maintained successful growth since the beginning.

How do you feel knowing you have so many other members tracking your every move with their own accounts?

I don’t mind it at all. I’ve managed large funds before, so this is nothing new to me. I know many people get nervous that you might make a mistake, but I trust my ability and the strategy I have developed. I want the client to look at the account each month and have nothing but trust.

Can you share what you predict will likely happen to the Forex market, from a high level perspective?

As far as any sort of predictions, we may see a huge Bearish momentum in the United States Dollar in the coming years. The great thing about trading forex is that you can trade either way, so I see many opportunities in this journey ahead.

Do you have any other advice or tips for anyone considering the Ormeus Global Master Trader product?

Absolutely, if I could give any advice it is this: Do not believe Forex will make you rich overnight. This industry was designed for steady gains over a long period of time. Believe in Quality not Quantity. My strategy has been proven to make amazing returns over a longer period. With Low Draw Down (Risk) this product will provide Conservative Long Term Wealth.

Become an Instant Master Trader

Would you like to capitalize on the talent and skill of Ormeus Global’s own Master Trader? Oremus Master Trader is available both as a retail product, and part of Oremus enrollment packages. Creating your own account and having it match our Master Trader’s is as easy as signing up today.

The Ormeus Global Grand Launch

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Arrive on April 16th and get prepared, because the Opening Ceremony will take place bright and early at 9:00 AM on April 17th.

The day will begin with welcome remarks from our CEO, presentations from Ormeus Global Leaders and Founders, and the latest company news that you won’t want to miss.

Of course don’t forget to join us at 5:30 PM on April 17th, as the day caps off with a Gala Dinner, including Entertainment. Rub elbows with company leaders, and mingle with fellow IBOs well into the evening.

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  • Ground transportation from hotel to event venue and back.
  • All applicable local taxes.

There’s never been a better excuse to visit Thailand! But if you can’t make the trip, don’t worry — we’ll be sure to share lots of pictures here, on our corporate blog, and on the Ormeus Global social pages!

We hope you can join us for this exciting event — Ormeus Global’s Grand Launch!

Learn About Ormeus Coin

Learn About Ormeus Coin

Many of our members are curious about Ormeus Coin, the new cryptocurrency pegged to Bitcoin, the “gold standard” of cryptocurrency that also blends Ethereum smart contract into the token for a truly innovative approach.

The best way to learn about Ormeus Coin is to visit the cryptocurrency website and download the white paper.

Ormeus Coin is accepted on many exchanges. Here’s the complete list of exchanges where Ormeus Coin may be traded.

Want to learn more about Bitcoin, Ethereum, blockchain and mining? Then visit Itost, available to Ormeus Global IBOs. Log into your Ormeus Back Office and take our Cryptocurrency Mastery Course. You’ll learn about these topics and other topics pertaining to blockchain and cryptocurrency that are shaping the future of technology and more.

Translation Update

Translation Update

English, Spanish, Arabic, Dutch, German, French, Swahili, Hindi, Chinese…you name it, we have it translated! Ormeus Global is truly a worldwide family encompassing six of the seven continents (and if we can find someone in Antarctica interested, that would make seven.)

Currently, our Back Office is translated into 9 languages. Most of our marketing documents are now translated into the 20 languages we are using as our standard. This includes our Compensation Plan, Policies & Procedures, and many others.

We are working hard with our translation partners to ensure that the Ormeus message is available to everyone, everywhere, in the language

Ormeus Global Press Release: January 17, 2018


Rick Fleshman, Former CEO, Assumes Role as Founder and Consultant

OSLO, January 17, 2018: Excited crowds braved heavy snow to meet new CEO of Ormeus Global, Kurt Bentzen. Ormeus Global announced at the Oslo event of the Ormeus Global European Tour that Mr. Bentzen replaces current CEO, Rick Fleshman.

Mr. Fleshman will assume the role of Founder and Consultant and continue to work with Ormeus Global on special projects. Mr. Bentzen joined former CEO, Rick Fleshman, on stage for the announcement to a packed house.

The change in leadership at Ormeus Global is effective January 16, 2018.
“I am delighted to welcome Kurt to the team, and know that he will be a fine leader to guide Ormeus Global,” said Mr. Fleshman.

“Ormeus Global represents new opportunities in an exciting, dynamic and evolving industry,” added Mr. Bentzen. “I look forward to meeting everyone and to working with this stellar team.”

Chief Executive Officer Kurt Bentzen

Kurt Bentzen is a Danish national who started his professional career in the Diplomatic Corps as Commercial Attaché at the Danish Embassy in Beirut and the Consulate General in Hong Kong.

He has held numerous management positions at multinational FMCG companies worldwide with residence in six European countries, the Middle East and Asia. Mr. Bentzen also has experience in General Cross Culture Management including sales and marketing, legal issues, corporate affairs, logistics/procurement and H.R.

In addition to this, he has also managed P&L responsibilities for countries throughout Northern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent, as well as the United Kingdom.

In his free time, Mr. Bentzen enjoys sports and is a keen tennis player. He is a frequent guest at the All England Wimbledon Tennis Championships. He is currently based in Denmark.

Mr. Bentzen will continue to meet with Ormeus Global management, leadership teams, and Independent Business Owners throughout Europe as well as the rest of the world in the coming quarter. More information will follow.

About Ormeus Global

Founded in 2017, Ormeus Global is a company on a mission: to support people who are passionate about improving themselves. Through the InnerQuest interactive learning ecosystem, Ormeus Coin cryptocurrency trading services, and Ormeus Qi energetic wellness products, the company’s offerings help individuals build wealth, support health, and generate the lifestyle they choose. Discover your center at Ormeus Global.

Who Needs Corporate Compliance? We All Do!

Corporate Compliance

Compliance. No one likes to talk about it, and even the word sounds rather cold and harsh.
But let’s face it – if our company didn’t have policies and procedures to guide the way we handle business, and a Compliance Department to ensure that all IBOs worldwide are playing by the rules, we’d quickly dilute the Ormeus Global brand. And no one wants that, least of all our Independent Business Owners who are establishing their businesses throughout the world.

So let’s talk Compliance for just a moment:
Compliance means agreeing to and abiding by the Policies and Procedures established by Ormeus Global. A copy of those Policies and Procedures is available in English and 19 other languages in your Ormeus Global Back Office. You can download and read it at any time just by logging in and visiting the Bulletin Board area.
IBOs with access to our InnerQuest learning platform can log into InnerQuest and watch a short, half-hour course that reviews all of our Policies thoroughly. Led by Javier Canales, our Director of Compliance, the InnerQuest course is a fun way to understand all of the policies guiding our actions worldwide. Be sure to take the test after each section – it’s important to ensure that you understand everything you’ve seen.
Still not sure how to comply with our Policies and Procedures? Ask us! Email us through the Back Office.
As a gentle reminder, we ask that IBOs do not:

  • Use the Ormeus Global name in their business name, social media profiles, or websites hosted by third parties.
  • Share videos taken at Ormeus Global events without the company’s permission.
  • Create and share marketing materials, advertisements and social media memes that are not from our corporate office.

We know that you want the best for our company. You’re part of our success! Be sure to understand and follow our Policies and Procedures. Compliance keeps our brand – and yours – secure so that we all benefit from Ormeus Global.

Get to Know the Bulletin Board

Get to Know the Bulletin Board

Are you looking for flyers to promote your Ormeus Global Independent Business?

How about some social media memes to share with your friends?

What about some great promotional materials?

Announcing the Bulletin Board! This is a new section of your Ormeus Back Office.

Ormeus Global IBOs, log into your Back Office. Click “Success” and then “Bulletin Board.” Here you will find marketing materials, sales materials, and more – beautifully designed and ready to share with people.

We hope you enjoy the Bulletin Board. Check back frequently as we are always adding new materials.

Welcome to the Team

Welcome Steve Lehat

Please join us in extending a warm welcome to the latest addition to the Ormeus Global team, Steve Lehat. Steve joins the Ormeus team as our Regulatory Attorney. In this role, Steve will be reviewing all of our policies, procedures, and products and helping to ensure that they meet regulatory standards in the countries in which we operate. We wish Steve all the best as he joins the Ormeus team and helps us continue the great work of Ormeus Global!

Master Trader Update

Master Trader Update

There’s a rumor going around that we are discontinuing the Master Trader product. That rumor is FALSE. Master Trader will continue to be a product available for purchase through Ormeus Global. Here’s what you need to know about our Master Trader program and the changes taking effect on January 1, 2018.

  • Master Trader is now a retail product available in your Ormeus Global Back Office.
  • A subscription to Master Trader is still included in Bronze Level and above packages.
  • The allocation deposit from each package purchase has been added to the 2xB89 allotment deposit.
    If you purchased a package in 2017, you will still receive your Master Trader package allotment deposit upon opening and setting up your FX Choice account.
  • To set up an FXChoice account, visit your Ormeus Back Office. Log in, and follow the instructions available to set up your Master Trader account.

Ormeus Global’s Master Trader product links your account to a professional Forex trader, a real person who makes trades of Bitcoin pairs. Your trades mirror those of the professional trader. You can watch the trades using software downloaded from FX Choice, MetaTrader 4.0.

We hope that this answers your questions about Master Trader. Master Trader is one of many cryptocurrency resources that we offer. Please see the Ormeus Global website for more information.