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Introduce your mind and body to Ormeus Qi, and discover the wellness within! Each of our healthy-living products is infused with patented Nanobioelectronic Photoacoustic Technology to access your body’s natural energies–your very own qi, or life force. These unique innovations, developed in conjunction with a medical doctor who specializes in integrative and alternative techniques, are non-habit forming, convenient, and portable, with no unpleasant after-effects. Choose one or all to support your active, healthy lifestyle!

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What Is Qi?

Qi (pronounced “chee”) refers to the circulating life force that moves throughout any living organism. It is the basis or foundation of many Asian philosophies and systems.

Discover the Wellness Within

Ormeus products utilize the power of your body’s inherent energy, which many cultures identify as your very life force (or qi). As you tap into and strengthen this life force, you may experience shifts in perception and sensitivity to both your body’s own energy and the energy of your environment. By harnessing this symbiosis, the Ormeus Qi line of healthy-living products promotes a wide spectrum of wellness benefits, including healthy sleep, weight loss, and increased alertness and awareness. Ormeus Qi uses only all-natural ingredients and cutting-edge technologies.