Kurt Bentzen

Chief Executive Officer

Kurt Bentzen is a Danish national who started his professional career in the Diplomatic Corps as Commercial Attaché at the Danish Embassy in Beirut and the Consulate General in Hong Kong.

He has held numerous management positions at multinational FMCG companies worldwide with residence in six European countries, the Middle East and Asia. Mr. Bentzen also has experience in General Cross Culture Management including sales and marketing, legal issues, corporate affairs, logistics / procurement and H.R.

In addition to this, he has also managed P&L responsibilities for countries throughout Northern Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Indian subcontinent, as well as the United Kingdom.

In his free time, Mr. Bentzen enjoys sports and is a keen tennis player. He is a frequent guest at the All England Wimbledon Tennis Championships. He is currently based in Denmark.

Wang K. Shin


Ormeus Global Founder Wang K. Shin was born in Seoul, South Korea. He was a logistics captain in the South Korean Army for 10 years. After his stint in the army, Wang went on to consult for business investments in South Korea and throughout Asia. He consulted for sales companies; successfully boosting sales and improving management operations.

Wang’s experience demonstrates his strong leadership skills and international business knowledge. Wang is a self-made millionaire with more than 25 years experience in consulting and business. His interpersonal skills and friendly nature has allowed him to develop strong multinational relationships with business executives. With his proven expertise, he helped Ormeus Global bring in members from all around the world and grow at a fast pace.

Wang regularly travels the world where he forges new business relationships and helps open markets for sales companies. He believes in the basic values of family and hard work, ethics he carries close to his heart and which is a credit to his upbringing.

Happily married to his wife of 35 years, Wang also enjoys spending quality time with his three adult children. Ormeus Global is very grateful to have Wang on their team.

Fredrik Palmaeus

Chief Operations Officer

Ormeus Global is pleased to welcome Fredrik Palmaeus as the new Chief Operations Officer. In this role, Fredrik will oversee all financial, accounting and operating infrastructure across all global operations.

Prior to accepting this role, Mr. Palmaeus served as a Business Mentor for major management consulting and business development firms in Stockholm, where he assisted many businesses throughout a variety of industries launch and grow into successful companies.

In the past, Mr. Palmaeus has also served as VP for a software development company, and as an Executive Director and as Vice President of Business Development for several advertising companies.

With his breadth of experience and long career throughout Europe, North America and Southeast Asia, Mr. Palmaeus is a tremendous addition to the Ormeus Global executive team.

When not scuttling around to various Ormeus Global events and offices to work on the successful growth of Ormeus, he enjoys traveling for pleasure and spending time with his three teenage kids.

Mr. Plamaeus makes his home in Sweden and will oversee operations from Stockholm and Hong Kong.

Please join us in welcoming Fredrik Palmaeus to the Ormeus Global Family.

Richard A. Sloane

Chief Financial Officer

Richard A. Sloane is the Accounting and Finance Director for Ormeus Global Marketing and has extensive experience in accounting, tax, business consulting and has business in the service and manufacturing sectors. He manages the accounting function within Ormeus Global Marketing.

Richard began his business life as an accountant specializing in assisting closely held, including family businesses, earning his CPA certification in Rhode Island, USA in 1978. He later sold his accounting practice and relocated to Phoenix, AZ where he operated a manufacturing business for several years before returning to the accounting professional.
“In accounting, the only thing that needs to balance are debits and credits; everything else, is just theory,” states Richard.

When Richard isn’t crunching numbers or keeping us up to speed on tax law, he enjoys playing sports, long walks with friends, and spending time with his family.

Steven Bruce Lehat

Regulatory Attorney

Steven Lehat is the Regulatory Attorney for Ormeus Global. His extensive experience as a regulatory attorney includes work involving the United States Customs Service (now Department of Homeland Security), Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

With his background in finance, Steven took a break from business, to study law. He then concentrated in the field of securities law and worked with the compliance areas of crowdfunding, raising private capital, and digital currency. He provided counsel for the Southern California Chapter of the world’s largest angel investment group, Keiretsu Forum. He has also worked on projects worldwide.

When he isn’t serving his clients with expert legal insight, Steven devotes his time to charitable causes. This includes mentoring. Steven states, “Mentoring is part of my vision for the future. It is most rewarding to help equip the next generation for success!”

Javier Canales

Compliance Director

Javier Canales is the Compliance Director for Ormeus Global. Javier joined Ormeus Global with almost 10 years of experience in the area of Compliance. He has been the Compliance Director and International Director of Compliance for several Network Marketing companies. He has also worked with some of the top Network Marketing attorneys in the United States and other countries.

Javier’s ability to develop relationships, communicate along with his willingness to do anything to protect his company and the business opportunity it provides is what helps make a vital piece of Ormeus Global.

“I feel that having a heart of service has blessed me with the opportunity to be a part of some great teams,” said Javier. “I’m the type of person who isn’t afraid to ask questions and can adapt to any environment or situation.”

When he’s not buzzing around as the “company fly”, you can find him in the gym, at a baseball game or out eating at a new hot spot as he considers himself to be a “total foodie”.